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Norwegian efforts

Best Value A certification

After the previous Best Value A certification course in January 2020, where all 10 participants received an A certificate, we will start a new Best Value A certification course at the end of January 2021! The course consists out of 9 online meetings once every 3 weeks. This course is for those who have experience with at least one Best Value project during one of the 4 phases as a vendor or client and want to demonstrate that they understand the Best Value philosophy and that you apply the Best Value approach correctly.

During this course we will focus on the Best Value process and philosophy and share, reflect, and learn from each other’s Best Value experiences and those of the A+ certified trainers. Throughout the course you will write a paper in which you reflect on the Best Value philosophy and process in preparation for the certification.  The actual certification is not part of this course, but a separate and additional process were the certification board asses your personal metrics and paper. The final part of the certification process is an interview about your understanding of Best Value, your metrics, and your paper.

Practical nformation:

Starting date is Wednesday the 17th of February

Other dates are March 10, March 31, April 21, May 12, June 2, Sept 1, Sept 22 and Okt 13.

Time schedule per meeting is 8.30 till 12.30h

Language will be English

Trainers are Jan Hutten and Wencke Hijblok (Best Value Group), both A+ Best Value trainers

Excluded: A-exam, cost t.b.d., but at least less than 5.000 NOK

The B course

4-mornings online Best Value B and B+ training, we will explain the Best Value principles. Have assignments fo each phase of the method, play the Best Value game “Wheel of Best Value fortune” and have an exam to test your knowledge. Training dates are January 26 and 28 and February 2 and 4 08:30 until 12:30 every morning.

The trainer will be Jan Hutten. Jan can read Norsk og snakker a litt Norsk. He has been working in Norway since 2016 and has been the BVP consultant in 13 BVP project in Norway, 11 of them where Nye Veier is the client.

Several attendees have said: “Without the training on the BVP method and your input to the documents our tender would have had a very hard time coming out on top!”

E18 Langangen – Rugtvedt

E18 Langangen – Rugtvedt is part of the E18 Langangen – Grimstad section, the project is 17 km long. We supported EIFAGE during the selection phase to win the tenders, during the clarification phase to get a signed contract and also during execution phase. Specific about this project, for us, was that we selected the key persons and trained them afterwards for the interview. Presently (December 2020) in the clarification phase.

E6 Moelv – Roterud

The project includes a main bridge over Lake Mjøsa and an 11km section of a four-lane motorway. The bridge will be the world’s longest structural timber crossing and set a benchmark for the use of sustainable materials in major infrastructure projects, according to a statement from BESIX. Specific for this project was to ‘translate’ the picture of the bridge into winning text. It was our first project in Norway with a non Norwegian contractor.

E6 Kvithammer – Åsen

Construction of a 19 kilometer motorway from Kvithammar to Åsen. The section is being built as a four-lane motorway with a speed limit of 110 km / h. The project includes four tunnels, all with double tunnels. One of them is the Forbordsfjell tunnel, which with its 7.8 km will be Central Norway’s longest tunnel. This was our 3rd project we supported Hæhre in getting selected for the clarification phase.

E6 Kvål – Melhus

The contract with Peab and Cowi is the first to be implemented as Integrated Project Delivery (IPL) in Nye Veier, and it is completely new in Norwegian road construction. The contract form means that the client, contractor and consultant develops a binding, trust-based community that will work for the best for the project in all phases in an open form of work with open calculations, incentive model and shared risk.

E39 Mandal øst – mandal by

To plan and build the road by the turn of the year 2021/2022, Nye Veier has engaged Hæhre Entreprenør AS as a turnkey contractor. Hæhre brings Rambøll, Sweco, TT Anlegg and Traftec to the work. These companies, which constitute the turnkey contractor, shall prepare zoning plans with a buildable road route that is socio-economically profitable and that takes as much account as possible of buildings, nature, wildlife, nature diversity, outdoor life and cultural heritage.

E18 Rugtvedt – Dørdal

The first Best Value project for Nye Veier. The contract with Hæhre Entreprenør AS was signed in May 2017 and the construction work began the same summer. The section is approximately 16 kilometers long and the construction time has been approximately 2.5 years. Road opening was in December 2019 as planned. It was also our first Best Value contract in Norway. We supported Hæhre from selection until road opening


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